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  Mar 01, 2020     Vision AutoMart

Personal safety has to do with the things or practices that we as technicians can adopt to keep ourselves safe and also keep our colleagues safe. There are various personal protective equipment (P.P.E) one can use to stay free from danger, and these include: Eye protection equipment Feet protection equipment Ear protection equipment Hand protection equipment Body protection equipment Respir View More

introduction to actuators

  Jan 04, 2020     Vision AutoMart

After a signal is sent to the controller from a sensor and the controller concludes (having reconciled the signal data received with its pre-programmed values) that an action (which could be either a correction or an adjustment) needs to be taken in the system, an output signal is sent by the controller to a  device called an Actuator. Automotive Actuators are output devices that perform act View More

fault code interpretation

  Dec 05, 2019     Vision AutoMart


  Oct 01, 2019     Vision AutoMart

On–Board Diagnostic (OBD) system is the monitoring mechanism in vehicles that is capable of  detecting malfunctions in an electronically controlled component-system of a vehicle that it monitors. It does this by always comparing the operating or actual values of input and output devices during operation to pre-programmed or expected values in the component-system’s electronic cont View More

Vision Automart

  Aug 16, 2019     Vision AutoMart

I am glad to have you on our portal, *Vision AutoMart* under the parent company of *Vision Production Limited*, a company established and run by my Dad  . I had always wanted to have  an automobile company driven by my passion for exotic cars before now, two year later with frantic efforts, one of my many dreams came alive! –  *Vision Auto Mart*.   By the way, my name View More

Automotive repair and maintenance manuals

  May 29, 2019     Vision AutoMart

Automotive repair and maintenance manuals are books or computer software that carry detailed explanations and specific repair information about a vehicle. They are usually written by either the vehicle manufacturer or an external body that specialises in gathering such automotive information with authorisation from the vehicle’s manufacturer. The need to follow the manufacturer’s spe View More


  May 06, 2019     Vision AutoMart

Transportation has always been the basic need of man, apart from moving from one place to another, most times there is the need to carry load from one place to another, which makes a means of transportation without much effort very important. In early times, the means of transportation that were explored included the use of animals e.g. horses and donkeys. When paved roads were introduced, carri View More


  May 04, 2019     Vision AutoMart

ØHand tools ØPower tools     -hydraulic tools     -pneumatic tools     -electric tools ØElectronic tools    -scan tools    -multi-meters    -programming tools Measurement tools and tes Hand tools These are tools that are used for manual procedures like wrenching, tightening, loosening, grippi View More

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